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Pureco Lemon Myrtle Cleaner

Pureco Lemon Myrtle Cleaner

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Pureco Lemon Myrtle Cleaner Liquid 300ml

All natural, eco concentrate soap.
Toxin & sensitiser free.
Palm Oil & Phosphate free.

Perfect for cleaning paint & wax brushes.

For brush cleaning - Rinse out any excess paint. use 1/2 pump into wet hand & scrub brush in circular motion. rinse well.

For furniture cleaning - Use 1 to 2 pumps into warm water in a bucket, bowl or spray bottle, wipe piece with soft damp cloth.

Wipe off residue with a clean damp cloth, wipe dry with clean lint free cloth after, ensure piece is fully dry before painting.

Re-use or recycle container once empty.
Grey water & septic safe. 
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