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Pureco Decorative Finishes

Pureco Decorative Finishes

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Pureco Decorative Finishes


Pureco Rust Finish is a 2 part process. Plus Sealing.

 Part 1 - Pureco Rust Finish Paint

Part 2
- Pureco Rust Finish Activator

Part 3 - Pureco Matte Sealer

How to use

Part 1 - Stir contents thoroughly before and during use with a broad, flat stirrer, using an upward action, you must mix the iron particles in that may have sunk to the base. Can be brushed or rolled on, can be used over any colour paint if you wish. use a disposable brush preferably not synthetic, apply 2 coats. Allow 6 hours between coats, once the second coat is touch dry, you can move to Part 2.

 Part 2 - apply 1 coat of rust finish activator over touch dry rust paint finish after 30 minutes, mist water over the surface, keeping the surface moist for at least 2 hours. For an advanced rust finish you can keep misting for up to 4 days, to speed up the process you can add salt to your spray bottle. once you have achieved your desired rust finish proceed to Part 3.

 Part 3 - sealing with our Pureco Matte Sealer must be applied to halt the rusting process and seal your finish. 


Pureco Texture Finish will help you achieve a weathered beach encrusted look.

Also can be used for raised stencils.

 Use with Pureco Chalk or Silk Finish paint is recommended

   How to use - Add approx 1:1 texture to paint, add together and mix. (Will not change the paint colour)

 Apply in a dabbing/ pouncing action to your surface.

 Allow to dry overnight, can be painted over to create two tone looks.


Pureco Crackle Finish creates an aged weathered crackle finish.

 Paint your surface in any colour in either silk or chalk finish and allow to dry, do not wax.

 This colour is the colour that will show up in the crackles stir the crackle finish well, using a flat stirrer in an upwards motion.

 Apply Pureco Crackle Finish in an even uniform manner with a brush, leaving no patchy areas, a second coat can be applied for a higher crackle effect.

 Allow to dry completely before applying another paint layer (can be different from the base colour). Be carful not to drag the top paint colour to much over the crackle finish, use a soft brush and soft strokes. the crackle finish will start to appear after 30 minutes in the top layer of paint.

 Leave to dry for at least 12 hours (sealing if using chalk finish paint)

For raised stencils mix a little at a time of the texture to your paint, to achieve a smoother paste.

 Apply as you normally would for raised stencils.

 Water wash up, if left on your brush will harden if not removed.

 ** Although there is no nasties in our texture, please wear PPE as it is a fine powder, should not be breathed in. 350g


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